Event Property Gains Tax Basics for Property Owners – Webinar Saturday March 5 @ 10 am PLUS Up Next: 1031 Exchange with Guest Speaker Tuesday March 22 @ noon Yes, there is more education and information coming your way about all these important tax topics that pertain to real estate and your property! Get your notebooks ready! Capital gains tax is now a daily conversation topic that comes up among my clients who are selling property in this historically high value market. The prices […]
Blog Real Estate Market Continues to be Very Strong…. Upcoming Seminar on Capital Gains Saturday March 5 @ 10 am… Good morning, good morning and happy last day of February & happy March! February was an intense month. Not only was it short and full of holidays, but also, the real estate market continued its strong ride, and even seemed to gain strength toward the end of the month. Undeterred by rising interest rates, or […]
Blog Capital Gains Tax Basics for Property Owners – by Guest Speaker Johan Deprez, Tax Attorney – Saturday March 5 @ 10 am! On the heels of a very successful and exciting seminar we did about 10 days ago on a Saturday morning on Zoom, with guest speaker Karen Templeton with Forrest Wealth Strategies, who share with us Capital Gains Tax options for investor owners of real estate, I’d like to present a more comprehensive, and at the […]
Event Reminder: This Saturday Feb 5 @ 10 am: Capital Gains Tax Options including Delaware Statutory Trusts! Breakfast & Learn with Guest Speaker Karen Templeton Hello Readers! Just read an article recently that the use of Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) have increased recently as more and more property owners with investment property, rental property and income income property decide to sell to take advantage of the real estate environment and high prices, and instead of paying the capital gains tax, […]
Event Capital Gain Tax Ideas & Options for Investment Property Owners – a Free Seminar with Guest Speaker – Saturday Feb 5, 2022 -10 am! One of my most often heard comments from those who own rental property is that they would love to sell the property, but they don’t want to pay the capital gains taxes. And because I’ve heard that concern so many times, I decided to invite someone to speak who works in the business of providing […]
Event Open Houses are Back! Welcome to our First Open House of the Year – Saturday June 5, 2 pm to 4 pm – 1011 W 20th Street, Los Angeles, CA Last year, in March 2020, when all of our lives changed, open houses became forbidden in our new reality. All of a sudden, no more signs on street corners every weekend – gathering in houses for sale, no longer allowed. We went to a system of virtual showings, and carefully scheduled in person showings with […]
Blog Common mistakes made during Estate Planning and how to avoid them, by Estate Planning Attorney Paul Velasco – Saturday March 27 @ 10 am on Zoom! It’s that time soon – time for our 3rd Breakfast and Learn Seminar in our 2021 Series! A bunch of you have already signed up – if you have – terrific – you are on the list! And you will be sent a Zoom link this week to use to log on. If you have […]
Blog Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes that lead to Family Disputes and How to Avoid Them – Zoom Seminar w/Guest Speaker Attorney Paul Velasco on Saturday March 27, 2021 at 10am It’s that time again – time for our 3rd Breakfast and Learn Seminar in our 2021 Series! On Saturday March 27, at 10:00 am, we will be hosting Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Attorney Paul Velasco of Velasco Law Group, expert in creating and administering trusts and doing estate planning for people like you and […]
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Blog Building Wealth with Real Estate – this Saturday Jan 23 @ 10 am on Zoom – are you in? As we have seen time and time again, and now even through the difficult times we are experiencing today, the value of real estate, especially residential real estate, shows itself to have resilience and longevity. If you have ever wanted to become not just a homeowner, but also a real estate investor, and own a […]
Blog Live & Interactive Webinar this Saturday 10 am on California Prop 19 – Who Should Attend? We have already received quite a few sign-ups for this coming Saturday’s event on Zoom – Prop 19 and what it means for you! If you are wondering if Prop 19 would apply to you – here are some situations it may affect and why you may be interested in learning more about this: (1) […]
Event Amazing Educational Opportunites: January 2021 – Saturday Jan 16 & 23, 10 am to 11 am! Prop 19 & Building Wealth with Real Estate! So it’s finally 2021, and we have a brand new fresh year to work with! Let’s start filling our minds with new knowledge so we can use it this year and beyond. I have 2 great interactive Zoom educational classes that pertain to Real Estate coming up on 2 Saturdays in January for you. The […]
Event Building Wealth with Real Estate & Time: Neil Schwartz, special guest speaker Saturday Jan 25, 2020 @ 10 am! Happy New Year Everyone! I greet you with the happy smiling face of the owner of the Century 21 Masters brokerage I work at, Mr. Neil Schwartz. He’s been my mentor for the last 5 years and always, always has great ideas about real estate and personal growth. Which is why I am so excited […]
Blog How to Get Rich in Real Estate – by Neil Schwartz – Special Presentation Saturday Jan 25 @ 10 am! You don’t want to miss this! Hi Everyone! It is with great honor that I present to you my Broker/Manager and Owner of Century 21 Masters, Mr. Neil Schwartz, who will be speaking to my clients (you!) about a very important topic as we kick off the year and the decade, our own Roaring 20s…… How to Get Rich in Real […]
Event Unique Property Offering in Sunny San Pedro – 2 houses on a lot! Grand Opening Saturday Dec 14 @ 12 noon HI Everyone! How is your December going so far? All your shopping done? For those of you looking to invest your money more than spend it, I’ve got an interesting new listing to share with you. In San Pedro, there are 2 houses on a lot, both fully remodeled, that are being sold as a […]
Event Reminder: This Saturday’s Seminar: Top 10 Tax-Related Real Estate Decisions to Make Before Year End! Saturday November 9, 2019 @ 10 am Have tax questions? If you own property, or are thinking about acquiring property, you will have questions about mortgage interest tax deduction, doing an exchange, capital gains tax, property tax, income tax, what is tax deductible …. and so on! Maximize your tax benefits by maximizing your knowledge! Build wealth by keeping more of your […]
Event Top 10 Tax-Related Real Estate Decisions to Make Before Year End – Hosted by Tax Attorney Johan Deprez, Saturday Nov 9, 2019 @ 10 am! How did we already get to the end of 2019? A new decade greets us in about 60 days, and it’s time to think about year end planning. If you own real estate, or plan to own real estate, a big consideration is your tax consequences…… they can be huge, and make a big difference […]
Blog Forming a Trust to Protect your Assets – It’s not just for the super wealthy – It’s for You! Saturday August 24 @ 10 am – Attorney Paul Velasco Explains That beautiful place you call home, your investment properties that you have carefully selected over the years and tended to that you intend to leave for your loved ones as your legacy – all of these assets need to be put into a Trust in order to protect it from probate. And when your loved […]
Event It’s Back to School Time! Trusts & Estate Planning with Estate Planning Attorney Paul Velasco of Velasco Law Group: Saturday August 24 @ 10 am As promised, I am having another exciting seminar on estate planning so you can get a well rounded perspective from more than one attorney in this field. So for those of you who came to the last one, come again to get even more powerful information, and for those who missed the last seminar, definitely […]
Event Summer is just heating up….. Exciting New Listings to Share with You! Take a look… If you think summer’s almost over, guess again! It’s just starting to heat up and so is the red hot real estate market in Southern California! This weekend, I’m presenting 2 very exciting brand new listings in the city of Long Beach – both are gorgeous with remodeled kitchens done in the last 12 months! […]
Event Reminder – Estate Planning for your Home & Assets – Protect What Is Yours! – Saturday July 20, 2019 – 10 am – Attorney Jennifer Sawday Hello Everyone, Final Reminder – I’m hosting a Living Trusts and Estate Planning Seminar with speaker and estate planning attorney Jennifer Sawday this Saturday at 10 am!  If you have been thinking about setting up a living trust and putting your property into it, you must attend! Come early – 9:45 am – and access the parking […]