BlogFeaturedinvestment March 13, 2022

Recording of the Capital Gains Tax Basics Seminar – here on my YouTube Channel

A week ago, we hosted a Capital Gains Tax Basics seminar with speaker Johan Deprez of Deprez Tax Law.

We got many requests to get a copy of the video.

Here it is for you –

If you find yourself needing a private consultation with Johan Deprez, please contact him at 562-841-1600 or at

Future Events

Let me know what you think and what future topics you are interested in learning more about.

Personally, I’m interested in hearing more about Prop 19. What about you?

And we do have the upcoming seminar on 1031 Exchange featuring guest speaker Leonard Spoto of Asset Exchange Company. That’s happening Tuesday March 22 @ 12 noon.

Here is the link for that event:

And if you are looking to do a 1031 Exchange very soon, I highly recommend you give Leonard a call at Asset Exchange Company as they are always available for consultations and are more than happy to provide a fee quote if you need one. Leonard Spoto, Principal, Asset Exchange Company    877-471-1031 or