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Capital Gains Tax Basics for Property Owners – by Guest Speaker Johan Deprez, Tax Attorney – Saturday March 5 @ 10 am!

On the heels of a very successful and exciting seminar we did about 10 days ago on a Saturday morning on Zoom, with guest speaker Karen Templeton with Forrest Wealth Strategies, who share with us Capital Gains Tax options for investor owners of real estate, I’d like to present a more comprehensive, and at the same time basic, seminar on Capital Gains Tax for all property owners, not just those with investment property.

If you own your own home, or plan to own your own home soon, or if you own investment property or have inherited a property, you will want to be aware of what Capital Gains Tax is and how it is applied when one sells real estate. Who better to share with you some of these insights than a Tax Attorney who deals with this on a daily basis? Our guest speaker on Saturday March 5 @ 10 am will be none other than Johan Deprez, who can share with you everything from Homeowners’ Exclusions from Capital Gains Tax and Stepped Up Basis which happens when a homeowner passes away.

If these terms seem confusing in any way, join the club! There is a lot to know, and much more than a Real Estate Agent like myself can properly answer for you. So, if these thoughts have been on your mind, and you just simply want to know more about what is involved on the tax side when you are selling a property, be it your principal residence or an investment property, or a place you used to live in but now rent, or an inherited property, or a family member’s property you are working on handling for them, be here, in the comfort of your own home, and log on to our Zoom, where our Guest Speaker Johan Deprez of Deprez Tax Law will be here to share some very valuable information.

When: Saturday March 5, 2022 from 10 am to 11 am.

Who: Johan Deprez from Deprez Tax Law will be my guest speaker

What: Capital Gains Tax, what it is, how it is calculated, and various rules around it

Where: On Zoom, on your computer

Why: What you know can save you money, and affect your decisions re: when best to sell your property, if you are considering selling it

RSVP to this email to get on the list and you will be sent a Zoom link the week of the event.

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