EventFeatured January 5, 2021

Amazing Educational Opportunites: January 2021 – Saturday Jan 16 & 23, 10 am to 11 am! Prop 19 & Building Wealth with Real Estate!

So it’s finally 2021, and we have a brand new fresh year to work with!

Let’s start filling our minds with new knowledge so we can use it this year and beyond.

I have 2 great interactive Zoom educational classes that pertain to Real Estate coming up on 2 Saturdays in January for you.

The 2 topics are:

Saturday Jan 16, 2021 – 10 am: California Proposition 19 – what is it? How do I use it? by Guest Speaker Johan Deprez, Tax Attorney

Saturday Jan 23, 2021 – 10 am: Building Wealth with Real Estate – how do I do it? by Guest Speaker Neil Schwartz, Real Estate Investor Extraordinaire

These 2 important topics will be led by Guest Speakers, and we’ll be doing it on Zoom. They will be chock full of great information, and best of all, you will not need to leave the comfort of your own home and you’ll get all of this streamed into your home while you can be in your bunny slippers and sweat pants sipping a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Details on these 2 topics!

Saturday Jan 16, 2021 – 10 am: California Proposition 19 – by Johan Deprez

Prop 19 is a complex ballot proposition pertaining to real estate, and was just passed. According to the ballot summary, some of Proposition 19 includes (but is not limited to):

  • Allows homeowners who are over 55 years of age (without regard to wealth), disabled, or victims of natural disasters to transfer their existing property tax assessed value under Prop 13 (1978) to a replacement home, including a more expensive home
  • Significantly limits the existing property tax benefits under Proposition 13 for certain real estate transfers between family members, such as the transfer of property from a parent to a child following the death of the parent.

What does this all mean for you? Find out – it’s complicated, and it goes into effect in February, so there may be some things you want to get done before then.

Saturday Jan 23, 2021 – 10 am: Building Wealth with Real Estate – by Neil Schwartz

Join us Saturday morning on January 23 as we feature guest speaker Neil Schwartz, owner of Century 21 Masters, who has been in the real estate business in California for over 40 years! As a seasoned real estate investor himself, Neil can share with you his decades of experience in building wealth with real estate.

So whether you want to start building your portfolio of real estate holdings with your first property, or if you want to add properties to your current portfolio, you will learn how to select a property and how to invest and have your tenant pay down the mortgage every month while your property gains equity, building wealth for you and your family as time goes on. Learn how to take advantage of appreciation in real estate while using leverage during our period of historically low interest rates. Learn how to calculate how much rent to charge and how this rent can support the interest and principal and tax payments as well as HOA dues and maintenance costs.
Bring your questions!
To sign up for these 2 events, and to be sent a Zoom invitation, you must RSVP to Nancy Deprez by replying to this email!
Let me know in your email if you want to be signed up for both events!
Space is actually not limited, but you do need to be on the list to get a Zoom invitation.
Thank you and Happy New Year!