Blogselling situations May 12, 2020

Craving more SOCIAL DISTANCE? Contemplating a move to more spacious surroundings?

According to studies, you aren’t the only one who is re-thinking about your current living situation, and contemplating moving to a place with more space and distance from your neighbors.

My last 5 sellers have been people moving out of the Los Angeles County area into more spacious surrounding, out of area, and out of state.

For example, most recently, one of my Long Beach condo dwelling sellers moved out to the Lake Elsinore area, staying within California, but to a location with much more social distance and space between neighbors. She is very happy with her move.

And other clients have recently sold houses with me in Long Beach have made great moves to beautiful Oregon, Idaho, Texas, Florida and Utah.

I have some great news for those of you thinking about this – I belong to a network of top real estate professionals across the country, so if you would like an introduction to a caring and professional agent anywhere in the country, please let me know! I’ll be happy make the introduction so you can see what your money can buy across this great nation.

Still others who need and want to stay in Southern California but need more space for their growing families. For example, I’m meeting more people who are ready to leave their condo or small house and move into a spacious home with a large backyard.

Reach out, let me know how I can help. We are experiencing a shortage of homes for sale in this area, so you will receive a good price for your home, and I can share with you how you can make a safe and successful move for you and your family.