Uncategorized December 2, 2019

Know some things we need year round? Food and Shelter! All year round!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday weekend!

I was reflecting a bit this morning as we enter into December…. I opened my emails and several of my past clients and friends asked me about seeing property and of course we are going to go see those homes later today and later this week – and it dawned on me to share with everyone – what are our most basic needs? Well we all need food, shelter and lots of love!

And we need these things year round. Yes, even in December and especially in December. And yet many people believe that the only times of the year that homes sell is in Spring and that is a myth – because in fact, people are looking for homes to buy and move into year round. And as we get into December, the seasonal shift is not so much that people don’t want to buy, it’s that sellers think it is a bad time to sell so they all hold off until the new year.

What results is a severe dip in inventory……. not so many homes for sale….. and buyers still looking. Case in point is the condo pictured above – this was listed by another agent from May till November – not sold…. I just took it over mid-November, gave it some good old sales and marketing and it just went Under Contract. And my seller who is moving just put in an offer on the house she is going to buy.

So why wait till the new year?

Get started now – buyers are looking and your home will stand out with less competition. Get ahead of the competition and don’t wait till the spring.

Call me. I’m here all month, working through the holidays, showing property to all the interested buyers in town. Would you like me to show them yours?

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