Uncategorized May 11, 2018

Doing AirBnB with your property – is it for you? A talk Saturday May 19, 2018 @ 10 am!

So you have a property – maybe a rental property you have had for a while…. have you wondered if you should rent it out as a vacation rental on AirBnB?

Have you heard of your friends or others doing it, and making a bundle?

If so, come to our next talk on Saturday May 19 @ 10 am at 5150 E Pacific Coast Hwy #770, Long Beach, CA, where my friend and client Sati Ah will be discussing strategies on how to do AirBnB the smart and profitable way.
Sati has years of experience being a property owner and AirBnB host, and can share her knowledge about how she fixed up her properties and made them into great spaces to host happy vacationers.
Sati will share:
(a) how she determines a property will be a good AirBnB candidate
(b) how she prepares her vacation rentals
(c) how she prices her vacation rentals
(d) how she markets her properties to vacationers who want this type of short term rental
(e) how she organizes the entire business so that things work smoothly and profitably
& much, much more!
So come and attend Saturday May 19 @ 10 am at Nancy’s Century 21 Masters office, where we will have coffee and bagels provided by Rick Loveall of Citywide Home Loans, where Sati will share her hard-earned secrets to this unique type of property management!
When: Saturday May 19 10:00 am to 11:00 am
What: Presentation and round table discussion
Who: Sati Ah, real estate investor extraordinnaire speaking, Nancy & Rick hosting
Where: 5150 E Pacific Coast Hwy #770, Long Beach, CA 90804 – parking is off Clark Ave
Why: Because we wanna know – how do you do AirBnB?