Listings October 12, 2017

Top Floor Beachfront Oceanfront Full Ocean View Home for under $800,000!

Have you always dreamed of waking up to the sound of the waves lapping at the soft beach sand? Have you wished to rub the sleep from your eyes each morning and have them focus first on ten shades of blue from the ocean that is in your backyard? Have you thought about how great it would be to start your day right each morning and putting your feet in the sand, then onto a running path that would take you along the shoreline, waking up your senses with the smell of the salty sea and the vision of dolphins taking their first swim of the day? Have you ever thought of starting each like this?

And have you thought of ending each day coming home to paradise? As though you were coming home to Maui instead of the city with its freeways and noise and congestion and traffic? Have you thought of coming home to serenity, sunset over the horizon, a glass of wine in hand as you sit on the balcony contemplating the beauty of life as passersby ride their bikes or roll by in rollerskates or jog their way to health? Have you ever desired this way of life?

Now there is a way – this gorgeous Top Floor Beach unit at the luxurious Ocean Club in Long Beach. This 24 hour concierge building is among the best on the Ocean Blvd strip in Long Beach, California, if not the best. Located at 1310 E Ocean Boulevard, this unit B33 is now available and boasts over 1000 SF of living space with every room having an ocean view except for the 2 bathrooms. You have views of the beach and sea from the living room, dining room, kitchen (all open concept), and the bedroom, so you can see the blue water all the time, soothing your senses and giving you that wonderful feeling that often money cannot buy. A property like this is $2 million plus elsewhere along our coast (think Newport Beach or Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach) and I was just told by someone who lived in New York – this would be $4 Million dollars in Manhattan, New York.

But here in humble and gorgeous and undervalued and underappreciated, but soon to be not so secret Long Beach, California, you have the opportunity to make this your own for $799,000.

How long do you think this coastline will be kept a secret?

How long do think Long Beach’s golden coast will remain undervalued?

Situated right at the cusp of Los Angeles and Orange County, with its own fantastic airport, and a booming downtown and beach community, I just don’t think this area is going to keep being this affordable.

But it will stay this fantastic.

Call me, text me, email me today if you want to see this gorgeous top floor beachfront oceanfront condo, before it’s sold. I can get you in immediately. Don’t wait. I’m at 310-739-8272.