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Property Trusts: A Seminar to Protect Your Kids – Jun 24

Property Trusts: Can They Protect You and Your Kids?

Property trusts are something a lot of people wonder about. They think, “I’ve finally got my dream home! I want to protect it.”

I’m almost certain that you have had this feeling—I know I have! You’ve spent all this time, effort, and—of course—money to buy your property, your real estate, your piece of this earth that you can call your own. Now, what is the best way to protect it for all eternity? Because when you buy a piece of real estate, it’s not just for your lifetime, it’s forever…. which is why it is such a great investment.

So, you ask yourself, “Should I put it into a property trust?

What does that even mean?

Is it a bandwagon everyone is getting on—putting their property in a trust? Do I even need to do that? And why?

Now that I have a property, is it important to have an estate plan?

What if I have investment properties—should these go into a trust?


Understanding Property Trusts with a Little Help From an Estate Planning Attorney

Property trusts expert, Curtis Kaiser, estate planning attorney.

As your trusted adviser in Real Estate, I’d like to connect you to some of the best professionals in the area who specialize in such areas as Estate Planning, which is important for people who own or soon plan to own real estate. That is, people like you.

Come and join me and Estate Planning Attorney, Curtis Kaiser.

He’ll provide an informative seminar on the following topics and more:

  • What’s the #1 cause of failed plans? (Hint: it’s not taxes!)
  • Why giving inheritances directly to beneficiaries—even adult ones—is often not in their best interest.
  • Why everyone needs an estate plan, but only some people need a trust-based plan.
  • What are the 6 Steps to Successful Estate Planning?
  • Open Q&A! Opportunity to directly ask questions with an estate planning attorney specializing in this area!

Don’t miss this!

Coffee and bagels to be served!

Date and Time

Next Saturday, June 24 at 9:00 am.


5150 E Pacific Coast Hwy., Long Beach 90804. 7th Floor Conference Room.

Park on the surface lot or on the street.

Cost is free, but you must RSVP by emailing!